The Electronics Laboratory of the ECE School conducts research, development, training and technology transfer in the fields of photonics imaging and micro- nano- electronics. The Lab is staffed by two faculty members: Professor Costas Balas (Lab Director) and Associate Professor Mattias Bucher, one research fellow: Dr Nathanail Kortsalioudakis and by 15 graduate students. The lab members have succeeded in establishing long-term collaborations with several internationally reputable academic and industrial institutions and have served as organizers or committee members of international conferences. The lab managed to secure multimillion funding from time to time from both international (e.g. FP7: COMON programme, FP6: TARGET-network of excellence, etc), and national (e.g. COOPERATION (3)-HERAKLITOS, AKMON, PENED etc.). Additionally the Lab has been very successful in attracting funds directly from leading industries, such as Toshiba, Austria Microsystems, Dysis-Medical Ltd etc. The Lab’s research has been published in top-ranked technical and clinical journals, including, IEEE Trans. on Electron Devices, IEEE-Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Cancer Research Journal etc. The Electronics Laboratory is well equipped with state-of-the-art, hardware and software development platforms, tools for design, simulation, layout, prototyping, characterization and testing of optoelectronic and microelectronic systems and devices. The Lab’s equipment list include (indicatively):  a wide collection of laser sources including modern tunable quantum cascade laser, high power tunable coherent and incoherent light sources,  wide range of spectrometers, including Raman, UV, NIR, Hyperspectral Cameras, Electron Multiplying Cameras, back illuminated cameras, InGaAs cameras, Low light (-65) cooled cameras, microscopes, a long range of fiber optic bundles, a large collection of prototyping electro-optics, various types of displays and computer hardware for image/video processing, RF Signal Generator, Rohde-Schwarz SMJ100A (6 GHz), Real-Time RF Spectrum Analyzer, Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope (1 GHz) Precision LCR Meter, (2 MHz)Dynamic Signal Analyzer, (100 kHz) DC Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer, Circuit simulation software: Cadence  IC & Systems, Dolphin Smash, Mentor Graphics ELDO Instrument control, Parameter extraction: Agilent IC-CAP, VEE Pro 8, Cascade Microtech PCS TCAD simulation (2D/3D).


Research activities of the Electronics Lab are divided in two groups: the Optoelectronics Group (Group leader Prof. Costas Balas) and the Microelectronics Group (Group leader Associate Prof. Matthias Bucher).

Optoelectronics Group: Design and development of photonic media devices: smart cameras, hyperspectral cameras, tunable light sources etc. Applications included medical diagnosis and nondestructive analysis of objects of artistic and historic value.

Microelectronics Group: Design of analog/RF integrated circuits (ICs). Development of computer aided design (CAD) tools for the characterization and design of IC components and circuits.

The members of the Lab hold several issued international patents and software copyrights, some of which have been transferred to industry and are currently high tech products launched in global markets.